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Getting quality online education can be stressful. eLimu’s approach makes learning more engaging. Unlock new knowledge & fluency levels.
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We create a unique learning approach by combining
engaging content with proven pedagogies.
e-Limu aims to provide kids with access to world-class apps and learning resources that improve their skills, breaks down the basic concepts of each subject matter while boosting their confidence to learn new things and excel while at it.
We offer a repository of online tools, resources and apps for teachers to support in-class and out-of-school training for their students. The resources here at e-Limu have been designed to support the specific learning requirements of the students in each subject matter and to attain better learning outcomes in their school work.
Through our apps and innovative learning resources, parents are equipped with the right tools to support the learning needs of their students, manage their curiosity and inspire them to take on new challenges.
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About eLimu

eLimu is one of the most talked-about
EdTech companies in Africa and the
leading digital educational content
provider in East Africa.
With 500k users in 2019, our primary
school revision platform is a wikipedia
of every topic you need, stuffed with
interesting images, animations and
videos to make learning fun. Our
literacy apps combine local stories
with proven pedagogy and a suite of
exercises to improve reading and
writing for children aged 5-7.
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I have used eLimu to do practice exams and revision. I scored 390 in my mocks. I want all kids to be able to do this because it is very easy and you don't struggle a lot. It's the best way to prepare for national exams. I dream that someday the schools will be more interesting and we can use eLimu content to learn.
Emmanuel Wanjala
Lighthouse Grace Academy
My students love pictures and diagrams, learning how to make a photo story was my best lesson. Choosing relevant images, taking pictures and creating a well organized lesson was really interesting. Also being able to cut parts of a video and choosing just the parts my students want.
Margaret Nguli
Milimani Primary

Shapes Trivia

Successfully earn 300 coins in the game by identifying 150 shape questions correctly during the course of the treasure hunt


Play the cleanliness game from start to finish to unlock the personal hygiene badge at the end of the game.

Time Machine

Successfully earn 400 coins in the game by setting the time correctly to 200 questions during the course of the treasure hunt.

Maths Ninja

Unlock the following Badges in the game to redeem your prize.
12X Guru Badge
Complete of all the questions on 12X table challenge
Gazelle Friend Badge
Play Maths Ninja for 3 days in the same month
Toasty Badge
Answer 10 questions at a GO!