eLimu seeks to be far more than just a producer of supplementary material or tablet provider for education. Instead, it provides everything that even an untrained teacher in any rural or urban school needs in order to have their pupils lean to modern high standards of education.

More and more schools are waking up to the reality that EdTech is no longer inevitable in their classrooms. eLimu is disrupting the landscape of education by introducing yet another exciting idea in the education industry. The eLimu application allows teachers to identify student’s weak areas and improve on them.

Outlined below are 12 ways on how teachers can use eLimu:

  1. Lesson planning

A lesson plan is a teacher’s road map of what students need to learn and how it will be done effectively during the class time. eLimu provides every teacher with the effective strategies on lesson planning that ensure learning objectives are accomplished. The lesson plans are continually beginning reviewed and improved.

  1. Checking Student Reports

Teachers benefit from reports of their students who use eLimu application. Students can take quizzes in the eLimu application by just selecting the subject they wish or a topic of their choice. eLimu quizzes are coded with each student having a unique code they use to access the quizzes. These reports are summarized and show student performance in each subject or quiz taken

  1. Ask a Teacher

eLimu teachers starting July 2015 are available every forth Saturday of the month to answer online questions posted by the learners in all the subjects.

  1. Learning disabilities among students

Learning disabilities are often not obvious to teachers; typically they may not know if their student has a learning disability unless the student chooses to disclose to them. The eLimu tablet covers a number of learning disabilities that are common among students and how to empower such students to reach their full potential.

  1. Basic ICT skills

On eLimu, teachers will find lesson modules covering basic computer skills that suit their classroom needs. We aim at helping teachers understand and implement the teaching of basic ICT skills to students as well as enable the teacher’s to meet the increased demand of today’s education and everyday life.

  1. Teacher Tips/Quality Content

eLimu has useful teaching tips to teachers. Our content is prepared by trained teachers and practicing teachers to guarantee the quality of the content. The content is continuously reviewed and improved to meet the syllabus requirements. The content is based on KICD books which have been animated and explained in the most simplified words so that even the most complex concepts are understood by the students.

  1. Qualities and Competencie of a good teacher

A good teacher is characterized by many qualities which make it possible for them to do their job well. eLimu provides a number of qualities that we believe teachers must possess and this acts as a guideline for them while teaching. At the same time eLimu highlights the competencies that UNESCO has mentioned are necessary for the 21st Century teacher.

  1. Classroom management.

One crucial variable associated with student achievement is good classroom management. eLimu provides teachers with tips on how to create and maintain an orderly, stimulating and motivating learning environment for their students.

  1.  Search Wikipedia without using internet.

With eLimu both the teacher and student can search offline Wikipedia without using the internet hence allowing them to enjoy content anywhere and everywhere at no additional cost. The skills of searching and analysis of data are achieved using the eLimu devices.

  1. How to use the eLimu app in classrooms

Here we give teachers a step by step on how to use the tablet as well as the eLimu app while in classroom. It’s very important that each teacher encourages the development of the creativity skills in our learners.

  1. Logistics

Here eLimu gives the teacher tips on how to take good care of the tablet in school and get the most out of it every single day.

  1. Teaching Comprehension with fun

eLimu app has many good well-structured and informative stories. The stories are heartwarming and suitable to all upper primary students. The stories will keep you reading.

I hope you are a more enlightened and educated teacher now. Keep checking our website for amazing and educative stories!!

12 Ways eLimu is useful to teachers

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