What better way to close out the year and kick off a new one, than to engage in exciting experiences! This treasure hunt takes kids on a thrilling adventure, where they discover a trove of gifts, fun and learning.

Unlock Exciting Treasures with
the Power of Learning

Choose Treasure Hunt Activity
Choose Treasure Hunt Activity across the four apps where this adventure will be taking place.
Play the Game
Play the Game, by engaging with all the learning activities within the app.
Win a Prize
Win a Prize by completing the activities and unlocking your treasure

Here’s how Kids can
participate in the
Treasure Hunt

Kids must be between the ages of 5-11 years
Review the treasure hunt activity, by clicking the “Find Treasure” button under each app below. This describes what you have to do to unlock the treasure
Review the Prize section and select what prize you would like to win.
Sign up/Sign in to your preferred apps and start playing. Happy Hunting!
Once you unlock the treasure, and complete your hunt activities for your preferred prize category, proceed to the redemption page to register your hunt by clicking on the “Redeem my Prize” button.
Once you register your hunt, you will be contacted for a 2-mins live validation video call within 2-3days.
Once validated, you will receive your e-voucher in your email within 2-3 days.

Prizes to be Won

NGN 8,000 / KES 2,000 Gift Cards for 10 Kids
Complete Treasure Hunt Activity for all 4 apps.
NGN 5,000 / KES 1,200 Gift Cards for 15 Kids
Complete Treasure Hunt Activity for all 3 apps.
NGN 3,000 / KES 800 Gift Cards for 20 Kids
Complete Treasure Hunt Activity for all 2 apps.
i) Participants cannot claim prizes in more than one category.
ii) Completion of treasure hunt activities are valid while the gift cards last.

Start your Treasure Hunt Here

Math Ninja
Shapes Trivia
Time Machine

Redeem My Prize

* indicates required
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Location *
Game Played

Shapes Trivia

Successfully earn 300 coins in the game by identifying 150 shape questions correctly during the course of the treasure hunt.


Play the cleanliness game from start to finish to unlock the personal hygiene badge at the end of the game.

Time Machine

Successfully earn 300 coins in the game by setting the time correctly to 150 questions during the course of the treasure hunt.

Maths Ninja

Unlock the following Badges in the game to redeem your prize.
12X Guru Badge
Complete of all the questions on 12X table challenge
Gazelle Friend Badge
Play Maths Ninja for 3 days in the same month
Toasty Badge
Answer 10 questions correctly at a GO!