eLimu Revision covers every topic you need to ace your KCPEs. We have added over 100 videos and animations on different concepts to make learning more fun, more engaging and most of all more memorable. Our extra-curricular and life-skills lessons on entrepreneurship, digital safety and climate change help students face the challenges of the twenty-first century.

Students, teachers and parents have always asked us to add KCPE past papers. In public libraries, old copies of past papers are shared by hundreds of students, and they are often difficult to find. Now, for the first time, students can take KCPE past papers at home or in school online.

5,600 questions in 128 past papers

We have digitized all KCPE past papers from 2000 up to 2015. You can time yourself, and after completion, you get your results instantly and can review the questions you got wrong. You can either take them like a mock exam within the time limit or just do them at your own pace.

But we believe in learning instead of just cramming answers. Each question is linked back to one of our hundreds of topics, so you can read notes and watch a video to revise the issue you got stuck on.

Improved results

Past papers were used by 1,000 students online and offline in four schools in the month up to exams. All schools we worked in saw improvements in results, from 2% all the way up to 17%.  

Perhaps the best example is of one student, Emmanuel Wanjala, who increased his scores from 295 to a final result of 347 by using eLimu for one month. Emmanuel is now attending St. Martin’s Kathonzweni School on scholarship.

You could be the next Emmanuel. If you do one paper a day, you can do all 16 years of past papers in four months! Taking past papers will help you monitor the time taken to finish a paper and adjust your pace, learn the different types of questions that come up, find your areas of weakness, and start working on them as soon as you can.



The system allows you to see how you have performed compared to other students in your school, county and the whole country! 

To start learning visit learn.e-limu.org. To get your offline version of eLimu Revision on a tablet, contact Grace at learn@e-limu.org or call 0716 287 946.

Take KCPE past papers online
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