We are delighted to launch our new android app, KCPE Exams. Now you can take over 100 past papers from 2016 all the way back to 2000. With each past paper you get:

  • Instant results (so no marking for teachers!)
  • Answers and explanations of every question
  • Directed to the topics you need to revise
  • See your performance improve each time!
Revision is a continuous cycle

When we launched the online KCPE exam site, exams.e-limu.org we got a fantastic response. We now have an incredible 1,500 users online every day – and more offline in schools across Kenya!

get it on google play

Over 80% of our users are on mobile, and more than half of them visit us on Opera Mini. The data-saving browser is great for your wallet, but it doesn’t support interactivity on the web – meaning that these users can’t take advantage of our exams site!

So we decided to build an android app that can be used on any smartphone and allow users to take exams offline. After you download the content, you won’t spend anything on data and can take exams wherever you are. When you’re online you can sync your account with the web version, and see your results and track your progress on any device, at school or at home. Using leapfrogging technology like this, we can provide world beating apps to underserved children in more places than ever before.

Take any exam for the cost of mandazi!
Take any exam for the cost of mandazi!

We at eLimu want to make our apps affordable to everyone – that’s why you can take each past paper for just 10 KSh!

Exam tips

  1. Take a past paper every day to build your confidence and get used to working against the clock.
  2. We’ve seen that some questions come around again and again – so if you take some of the older papers, you might find some of those questions look familiar when you are taking this year’s exam!
  3. The more prepared you are, the more confident and relaxed you’ll be in the exam. Use past papers to locate your weak spots, and concentrate your energy studying those topics.


Emmanuel Wanjala from Lighthouse Grace Academy, used our prototype KCPE Exams last year:

“I have used eLimu to do practice exams and revision. I scored 390 in my mocks. I want all kids to be able to do this because it is very easy and you don’t struggle a lot. It’s the best way to prepare for national exams. I dream that someday the schools will be more interesting and we can eLimu content to learn.”

Download the app now and get studying! Or take KCPE Exams online.

Students trying our KCPE Exams app at Story Moja, Kenya National Museum
Take KCPE Exams on our new android app!
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