We have been developing our new literacy app Hadithi Hadithi! in partnership with Aga Khan Foundation over the last year. The app includes hundreds of stories written by local teachers, illustrated by local artists, and read by local actors and celebrities, including Caroline Mutoko. It covers the entire curriculum for Standard 1 English and Kiswahili in Kenya, and English and Lugbarati in Uganda. It has stories, topics, and vocabulary matching the syllabus for each week of the school year. Hadithi Hadithi! uses a scientifically proven pedagogy to teach reading and writing, blended with the latest technology to create an experience that matches the best literacy applications around the world.

Hadithi Hadithi! is the first Kiswahili literacy app, and the first literacy app designed and developed in East Africa. It features Kenyan and Ugandan stories, voices and landscapes, people, and places.

Having spent the last quarter of 2015 testing the prototype with teachers and students, we finally had a software ready to use in schools. We went to Kwale and Mombasa for the 1st phase of the roll out of the Dubai Care funded project implemented with MoEST, Aga Khan Foundation, and Camara Education. It will provide devices to 43 schools in Kenya (Mombasa and Kwale regions) and 20 schools in Arua, Uganda (West Nile region). The project will benefit a total of 12,500 pupils and 252 teachers.

Teachers using Hadithi Hadithi!

Our aim is to improve literacy levels in class 1 and class 2 learners as well as increase engagement level of learners and teachers. The app is designed to be used both in teacher-led and student-led learning.


Watching the ToT’s interact with the app was really exciting for us because we got to learn about the different ways that the teacher could use it in class, the pace at which the audio’s should be, and how teachers would integrate the app into their lessons. Bobo, designed to be the student’s helper and best friend became a very big hit.


Literacy app “Hadithi Hadithi!” pilots in Mombasa and Kwale

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