1,000's of lessons covering the whole KCPE Curriculum and new topics like citizenship, social and environmental topics.


Do Exams

Take all KCPE past papers from 2000 to 2016 whenever you want against the clock and get your results instantly.



Check the correct answers and go over and find out more about the topics you need help with.



Compete with your friends and check where you rank in your school, your county and across the whole country.


Revision for Results


eLimu has teamed up with Moran Publishers to put six best-selling revision text books in one app. We've added topics on life skills, financial literacy, entrepreneurship and digital safety to give our students the skills they need for the 21st century and a well-rounded education. Our videos, songs and animations on tricky topics like the Kenyan Constitution and algebra make learning fun and engaging, and memorable too. 


Students can take hundreds of past KCPE papers going back to the year 2000. They get their scores instantly, can compare their results with their friends and go over what they got wrong. Every question links to a revision topic, so they can check what they know already and find out more so they can answer questions correctly next time. 


Amaf School saw results in science improve by 15% in a single term. Our KCPE Revision can improve student's KCPE scores by teaching them in new ways, giving them access to quality educational material, and the opportunity to take past papers easily and quickly.




Improved Test Scores


Amaf Primary, saw improvements of 15% in Science in it's first term using eLimu's KCPE Revision. Giving students the chance to teach themselves digitally helps them fulfil their potential.


Cognitive Thinking


Videos, songs and animations make learning fun, engaging and memorable. They activate different parts of the brain and help aural and visual learners to grasp new ideas.


Social and Life Skills


The Kenyan curriculum still includes telegrams and postal orders. Our extra lessons include life skills, social, citizenship and environmental topics.


Digital Literacy


Children learn how to look after devices and use software painlessly, developing skills that will help them later in life.


Take KCPE past papers now!

You can take over 100 past papers from 2000 - 2018 online at and get your results instantly, see solutions, find explanations, track your progress and compete with your friends! You'll get directed to the topics you need to revise. Each paper is 50 KSh for a year, or just 10 KSh for a day! Try the app for a smooth experience that runs offline.