Our customized tablets are now retailing for Ksh 25,000 only! For a limited time only, they will come with a free rubber cover and preloaded with the eLimu application including KCPE revision content for Std 5-8 students (Science, Maths, English, Kiswahili, Social Studies & Religious Education.)  The curriculum content is vamped up with digitally rich videos, animations, sound clips and music. It is nice and easy to navigate, fun and kid friendly! 

Email learn@e-Limu.org for further details.

The eLimu tablet is engaging Kenyan primary school students in the learning process by shifting the way we think about education. We are using technology as a tool through which information, ideas and passions can grow. By changing the approach to learning, we can improve the quality of education and citizenship. Our app is an ed-tech initiative that incorporates content correlating to the national curriculum vamped up with animations, videos, songs, music, games and quizzes to make the learning process more interactive, interesting, fun and engaging for students.

Designed to make not only an educational, but also a social impact, eLimu includes extended learning content that focusses on responsible citizenship (environmental, human rights, civic justice and even curriculum on personal financial literacy.)  We want to educate a generation of conscientious citizens who will be armed and ready to take their places in the economies of the 21st century; a generation of problem solvers, astute voters and reliable leaders for Kenya.

Our Beta programs in non-formal schools in Kawangware and Mathare are being monitored for learning outcomes in the following areas:

  • Test scores
  • Cognitive thinking and focus
  • Social and environmental consciousness
  • IT literacy

The tablet is set to be deployed in Kenyan Primary schools from January 2014. If you are an educator and would like your school to be considered for deployment, click here

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