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Have you marked your calendar? October 30, October 31 and November 1. It’s stressful when people are telling you, “These are the most important days of your life!” but don’t let the pressure of KCPE get to you. Follow our tips on how to get the best scores you can!

1. Get organized


The first easy step is to make a plan and commit to it. Don’t leave things till the last minute. Organise a timetable for your study:

  • How many weeks do you have before October 30th?
  • How many minutes a day to study do you want without committing every weekday and every weekend?
  • Be realistic and give yourself a break every week. You don’t want to burn out before the big day
  • Remember that you might want to give some topics more study time than others. Talk to your teachers, parents and friends about your strengths and weaknesses, and find the right balance in your timetable.
  • Use our KCPE Revision Timetable to plan your revision

KCPE Revision timetable

2. Past KCPE papers are your best friends


Almost all the questions you will see in your KCPE exams are variations of questions previously asked of candidates just like you! That means the more practice you get, the better. Take past papers with eLimu using our KCPE Exams app for as little as 10 KSh. There’s a lot of benefits to taking past papers:

  • See as many questions and answers as possible that you are likely to see again during exam week
  • Using our app, you’ll get your results instantly, keep track of your progress, and get directed to the topics you need to revise on our KCPE Revision website.
  • Get used to the kind of tricks examiners use, and the questions they ask. The more papers you take, the more you will see the patterns of questions that come up.
  • Get used to answering questions at a timed pace. After doing 20 past papers, you will realise when you are going too fast, or too slow.

Compare yourself with our students taking the same exam. We’ll post your name on the front page of our KCPE Revision website if you’re a top scorer! How about that? front page with student leaderboard


3. Don’t just cram answers

Past KCPE papers are great, but cramming the correct answer to one question, doesn’t help you work out the answer to another one! After finishing a paper, go through every answer and see what you got right and wrong. Be sure you review the answers to the questions you answered correctly too that you might have guessed.

eLimu’s KCPE Revision website is full of bite-sized, easy to understand lessons for every topic. Watching a video or animation to understand a concept makes it easier to remember. The revision platform free, so take full advantage of it.


4. Focus your revision


If you like Maths, it’s likely that you spend more time revising Maths. Even though you need to spend more time on your Social Studies. As you complete past papers, keep track of your results and notice where you need to focus on more.

Our KCPE Exams app shows you how you perform on every topic, so you can focus your learning to the topics that need it the most.  

eLimu's KCPE Exams app tracks your performance in each topic

Print out this KCPE Past Paper Tracker, stick it on your wall, and use it to keep track of your scores every week.

Chart to track your performance in KCPE past papers


5. Remember, you’re not alone


  • You will need the support of your parents, family and even neighbours so you have a quiet space and time to study
  • At school, gather some friends and agree to complete a study plan together. Compare your progress and share your challenges. When you see a good lesson, tell your friends about it and learn from each other. 
  • When you get a good score, take a screenshot and tell your parent/ guardian to share it with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Use #KCPECountdown and you’ll discover more well-wishers than you know!
  • Ask for the help and support of your friends and family in helping you stick to your targets and achieve your goal

Everyone at eLimu wishes you the best of luck! Let us know how you’re doing on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram @eLimuKenya, send us images of your results, and tell us how you are using eLimu to revise! Download the KCPE Exams app now!

Get the KCPE Exams android app here!

Five tips to improve your KCPE score

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