Happy Menstrual Hygiene Day!

Every May 28th, the world comes together to celebrate the Menstrual Hygiene Day. But what exactly is this day all about again?

Menstrual health and hygiene continues to be one of the most challenging areas to address in many parts of developing countries. Not only do deep rooted taboos and myth create the illusion that menstruation is dirty and shameful, but there is also lack of adequate sanitary towels and hygiene conditions.

The average woman menstruates for approximately 60 days in a year and during these days; she needs certain conditions to maintain her dignity-access to a safe and private toilet, access to clean, hygienic pads, clean water and soap for washing and safe disposal of the sanitary towels.

So, what happens in a situation where all these conditions are missing? Or do not exist at all? It impacts the education, health and economic empowerment of girls and women. Girls drop out of school or miss classes, they miss going to work and their health suffers. Eventually, they end up trailing behind on everything.

An increasing number of organizations across the world are working really hard to improve the lives of girls and women around this issue. Some focus on providing factual guidance and positive information around menstruation, breaking taboos and traditional practices, while others focus on providing sanitary towels to girls.

At eLimu we are focused on delivering high quality educational content through innovative technology to make the learning process more interactive, interesting, fun and engaging for students.

Designed to make not only an educational, but also a social impact, eLimu includes extended learning content that focuses on responsible citizenship, financial literacy and as well as puberty education and menstrual hygiene. Read our content on Menstrual Hygiene here. We want to educate a generation of conscientious citizens who will be armed and ready to take their places in the economies of the 21st century; a generation of problem solvers, astute voters, well informed and reliable leaders for Kenya.

Here are a few of other activities and events that will be happening this May 28th here in Kenya to make noise and break the silence on Menstruation.

  • The Ministry of health and other stakeholders will join together for a national event in Kwale County. The event is primarily focused on opening up discussions about taboos, myths and challenges related to Menstruation hygiene that girls and women in different settings face.
  • In Murang’a County, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, there will be an event where sanitary pads will be distributed to over 500 girls.
  • Also, in Kakamega, Nairobi and Kisumu, the Ministry of Health in collaboration with WASH United, will implement Menstrual Hygiene Management interventions in various schools and women’s prisons.

On this day, we join the rest of the world in celebrating the Menstrual Hygiene Day – Global in raising awareness & helping to break the silence around Menstruation.

Don’t forget to raise awareness in your own city or town!

Celebarating Menstrual Hygiene Day
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