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  • eLimu Success Story: Grace Githua

    We caught up with Grace Githua, the Headteacher of Rungiri Primary School. Grace champions the use of DigiSchool Devices such as tablets in her school. Her enthusiasm and passion for using technology in the classroom resulted in Rungiri Primary School being named the ICT Champions at the Kabete Subcounty ICT Competition. eLimu team, in partnership […]


Shapes Trivia

Successfully earn 300 coins in the game by identifying 150 shape questions correctly during the course of the treasure hunt


Play the cleanliness game from start to finish to unlock the personal hygiene badge at the end of the game.

Time Machine

Successfully earn 400 coins in the game by setting the time correctly to 200 questions during the course of the treasure hunt.

Maths Ninja

Unlock the following Badges in the game to redeem your prize.
12X Guru Badge
Complete of all the questions on 12X table challenge
Gazelle Friend Badge
Play Maths Ninja for 3 days in the same month
Toasty Badge
Answer 10 questions at a GO!