We caught up with Grace Githua, the Headteacher of Rungiri Primary School. Grace champions the use of DigiSchool Devices such as tablets in her school. Her enthusiasm and passion for using technology in the classroom resulted in Rungiri Primary School being named the ICT Champions at the Kabete Subcounty ICT Competition.

eLimu team, in partnership with Qualcomm, had trained teachers of Rungiri Primary School on how to use digital learning devices under the “Power of mTeaching ” programme and Grace is one of eLimu’s success stories. The team also introduced the pupils to the KCPE Exam app..

“We have seen a lot of changes in our school from the time the eLimu team came to train us on how to use devices in the classrooms. The teachers who had a phobia of using the Learner Digital Device (LDD) and the Teacher Digital Device (TDD) benefited the most.
Initially, teachers were unable and reluctant to use these digital devices in the classrooms. However, the training from eLimu gave them the confidence to use these devices to teach children and use equipment like the projectors to project some of the lessons.

We were also introduced to the KCPE Exam app which we have been using with our class 8 pupils. This app has helped our pupils a lot, especially when a teacher is absent. They use the KCPE Exam app to revise for their exams.

In the past, we’ve had a challenge when it comes to KCPE revision using regular textbooks. The pupils had the tendency to copy the answers on the back of the textbook. But now, with the KCPE Exam app, they can only access the answers after they finish the paper.

With time, we have seen the benefits of the KCPE Exam app. It has really helped our children and I would recommend it to every headteacher. They should use this app to help their candidates, especially during the third term after they have covered the syllabus.

As a school, we are very grateful for getting this training.

You too can benefit from the KCPE Exam app. Try it today with your pupils in the school or at home with your children: https://exams.e-limu.org/

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Grace Githua, the Headteacher of Rungiri Primary School was one of the beneficiaries of the eLimu training program, the “Power of teaching” in partnership with Qualcomm back in 2019. The programme trained teachers on how to use digital tools to teach.

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