The eLimu Manifesto – Inspired by the Acumen Manifesto:

It started by us standing with the students, kindling their spirit of enquiry, their passion to learn; recognizing the challenges faced by teachers, schools and governments.

It demands us to fill the gaps where students are failing and our education system has fallen short of filling. To do so without compromising our integrity.

It thrives on our independent and innovative thinking; our determination and ambition to creatively and effectively use technology as a tool to make education exceptionally better.

It requires us to recognize and challenge the status quo. Always. Even within ourselves. And work hard to change it when it isn’t working.

It is the ground-breaking movement to make learning engaging and fun.

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Features of eLimu:

  • Learning revision content of all 6 Kenyan Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) subject areas:
    • Maths
    • Science
    • English
    • Kiswahili
    • Social Studies
    • Religious Education
  • Curriculum aligned content based on bestselling textbooks published by our partners in content excellence Moran Publishers. Textbook content vamped up with:
    • Videos and animations to help students grasp complex concepts
    • Songs, music and sound clips for auditory learners
  • Mnemonic devices to aid retention
  • Extended learning content focused on responsible citizenship:
    • Environmental conservation
    • Personal Financial Literacy
    • Business & entrepreneurship
    • Agriculture
    • Applied science
    • ICT
    • Conflict resolution and peace building
    • Civics and Human Rights
    • Kenya Vision 2030
  • Simply designed for children to use
  • All content can be saved locally on device so internet not necessary except for content updates and analytics
  • Examination tips and techniques
  • Feedback from students after every topic