Technology can improve educational outcomes, but...


...buying tablets or laptops for every child does not necessarily lead to improved results. One thing we've learned is that technology is only as effective as the teacher using it. 

Over the last five years, we have seen schools with tablets that have kept them locked up in a cupboard. We've seen tablets unused, because no one was responsible for charging them. We've been to classrooms where half the lesson was spent getting out the devices, and putting them back. We've seen teachers intimidated by technology and unsure how to handle a class when the focus is not always on them but a screen instead.


Teacher training makes technology effective


If teachers are confident using technology they will become the biggest evangelists of it in the community. 

Together with Qualcomm, we have developed a training programme which shows teachers how to:

  • use technology to develop their own digital teaching materials, lesson plans and mark sheets
  • find new teaching materials on the web and adapt them to a lesson
  • get devices into the classroom and students on task in under 5 minutes
  • use different teaching styles, some teacher-led, some learner-focused in a classroom
  • share their materials and discuss their challenges with eLimu's community of Digital Warriors. 

We assess the needs of each school we visit and offer 2-5 day teacher trainings customised to your needs. We will also assist your School Management Committee and PTA in working out a maintenance budget and sustainability plan. 

Read more about eLimu's teacher training in our blog.