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  • eLimu wins the Mobile Web East Africa App Developer Competition

    On 23rd Feb 2012, eLimu won the Mobile Web East Africa App Developer competition!  We were selected as one of five finalists for the competition by the All Amber organizers of the event.  We won som e great prizes courtesy of the generous sponsors: The very latest BlackBerry Bold (9900), a BlackBerry PlayBook and $1,500 worth of InMobi ad space.  A big thank you to our team, supp... more

  • The White African

    My good friend Mariska and I once shared a private joke which actually isn’t such a joke for me anymore: WWEHD – What Would Erik Hersman Do? I still ask myself that question in board meetings, team dinners, corporate negotiations, even waiting in line at the bank. When I first saw Erik Hersman, he was waiting in the boardroom where I used to work.  I was twiddling my... more

  • Separating the Boys from the Girls

    iHub recently listed me on a “Top 5 Upcoming Women in Tech“.  I’m not sure how we were selected, but the other 4 women on the list are definitely brilliant, dynamic and accomplished.  The writer of the post, Jessica Colaco is a close friend and a brilliant, dynamic and accomplished young woman herself.  Jessica’s list got me thinking though. A fe... more

  • South By South West – Day 2

    Today was all about culture for me.  Simeon and I attended a panel which our host, Natalie Cofield (@ncofield) of the Capital City African American Chamber of Commerce (CCAACC) was speaking on: The Importance of Diversity in Austin’s Tech Community.  The panelists and moderator talked about Austin as an interesting space for technology, the Silicon Hills that is growing fast, but t... more

  • The Isolated Corners of the Innovation Room: Government, Big Corporates, Citizen Innovators, NGOs and Donors

      The conventional framework for innovation goes a little something like this: A bureaucratic process required by government is painstakingly long and complicated. It possibly collaborates with a large private organization to facilitate a small part of the process. Infrastructure is funded by donors and supported by NGOs. Eventually, a citizen who is fed up with the system innovates a solu... more

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