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  • Putting the teacher at the centre of technology

    If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the last five years, it’s that the key factor in determining the success of technology in schools is the teacher. And every time we put tablets in schools, we realize we need to increase the amount of teacher training. Even the best technology won’t work if teachers don’t have confidence, or can’t see how it helps their students learn faste... more

  • Literacy app “Hadithi Hadithi!” pilots in Mombasa and Kwale

    We have been developing our new literacy app Hadithi Hadithi! in partnership with Aga Khan Foundation over the last year. The app includes hundreds of stories written by local teachers, illustrated by local artists, and read by local actors and celebrities, including Caroline Mutoko. It covers the entire curriculum for Standard 1 English and Kiswahili in Kenya, and English and Lugbarati in Ugan... more

  • Can digital education work in Samburu?

    Heading North from Isiolo on the road to Ethiopia, you reach a small town called Archer’s Post: turn down a murram road for 30km, and you will find the Samburu village of Kiltamany. Not far from here, tourists come to see elephants, giraffes, lions and cheetahs in the savannah of Samburu National Reserve and Kalama Conservancy. The Samburu people are known for their nomadic lifestyle, th... more

  • Hadithi Hadithi! Hadithi Njoo!

    We have been telling stories for thousands of years long before the British missionaries started teaching us to write. Stories are all around us. They inspire us, they make us feel like we belong, they also teach us a lot. When i was young we would gather around and wait for our parents,teachers or an elder to say the magic words Hadithi Hadithi! (story story!... more

  • Don’t let your kid’s brain go on vacation during this holiday season!!

    The holiday season is here again. Does your child play or watch too much TV over the holidays? Would you like them to balance their time and do abit of studying as well? We have a solution! Balance your kid’s play and home study. Let them take a break from books this season and instead use our online revision site which has 1000s of lessons covering the entire Kenya Certifica... more

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